raw banana powder for babies

Food given to babies should be 100% pure and natural. Banana porridge prepared from natural Kerala Banana Powder or ‘Kannan Kaya powder’ is believed to be an ideal food for babies.  Bananas are extremely popular all across India. They can be easy to eat, provide instant energy and full of goodness. Nendran banana or Kerala banana is a one of the first foods given to a baby in Kerala and is the most nutritious foods which is full of vitamins and minerals and also helps in weight gain.

How To Introduce Raw Banana Powder To Babies 

The raw banana powder can be given to babies after seven months. When you introduce, begin with 1 tbsp of cooked banana powder porridge and check whether or not the baby shows an allergic reaction.  Check it for after three days, and if the baby is not allergic reaction ,gradually you can increase the amount of them.

Banana is a convenience foods for baby. Banana doesn’t need cooking , you can carry it while travelling and whenever the baby is hungry, since you can save the time.  Several industries are handling  raw banana powder suppliers In India for babies or kids and adult. Dr Food & BanaTone is the one of the banana powder suppliers in India.  This product prepared from fresh and great quality raw bananas is excellent nutritional supplement for all ages, particularly children. 

1.  It is rich in potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorous

2.  It has high fibre content aiding easy digestion

3.  Easily digestible early food, doesn’t cause cough or cold.

4.  Helps in healthy weight gain in the babies.

5.  For treatment of dyspepsia (indigestion)

6.  High content of dietary fiber.

7.  Power packed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

8.  Raw banana is helps to boost immunity.