Dr. Food – Ragi Powder – Container


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Ragi (Eleusine coracan ) is regularly used in south indian kitchens . Its infact the staple diet in many villages across south india . Ragi is one of the best semi solid foods that you can give your kids . Ragi is rich source of good carbohydrates calcium fiber and helps in reducing cholestrol level.


  • Loaded with calcium for healthy bones and teeth prevents osteoporosis .
  • Keeping blood sugar with in a safe range .
  • Source of natural iron for anemic patients .


  1. Add two table spoon of Dr Food Ragi powder to 50 ml cool drinking water or milk in a clean bowl and stirr well .
  2. Dilute with 200 ml of water or milk .
  3. Add one spoon sweet also .
  4. Boil well and stir well untill it becomes semi solid .
  5. Allow to cool and serve

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 12 cm


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